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Notice to Vendors, Contractors and Agents

亚搏app官方网站’s Organizational Integrity (OI) Program is designed to establish an ethical culture within 亚搏app官方网站 that promotes prevention, detection, and resolution of conduct that does not conform to federal and state laws and regulations or 亚搏app官方网站’s policies.

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亚搏app官方网站 Code of Conduct

Compliance with laws and regulations and 亚搏app官方网站 policies is required for our entire workforce as well as for our vendors, contractors and agents.  For example, vendors, contractors and agents doing business with 亚搏app官方网站 must be eligible to participate in federal and state-funded health care programs, must not be under any suspension or debarment from such programs and must not have been convicted of a health care related crime.

Deficit Reduction Act 2005 Requirements

亚搏app官方网站 is also obligated to take all reasonable measures to safeguard the confidentiality, security and privacy of protected health information and other proprietary or confidential information.

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