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Media Guidelines

Media Guidelines

Our communications team works hard to serve and collaborate with members of the news media, functioning as a resource, providing valuable information, sharing engaging stories, and fulfilling requests from reporters.

亚搏app官方网站 media relations specialists are based in our communities and facilities across 亚搏app, 亚搏app亚搏app and Washington, as well as at the system office in Vancouver, Wash. We focus on providing thoughtful and transparent responses to issues in a timely manner, as well as escorting members of the media while on our campuses.

With prior arrangement, journalists are welcome to visit 亚搏app官方网站 medical centers and 亚搏app官方网站 Medical Group clinics. Federal law requires us to maintain strict rules regarding patient confidentiality; therefore, we must accompany members of the media at all times while inside our medical facilities or on 亚搏app官方网站 property.

Journalists should contact our Public Affairs offices, or reach out directly to one of our media relations specialists prior to a visit to any of our facilities. A member of our staff can assist you in arranging interviews for your news story, and an on-site visit.

For more information about regulations related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), please refer to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services website.

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