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Medical Records & Health Information Forms

There are a variety of ways to access your medical records that are listed below. If you have questions about obtaining copies of medical records please call our customer service team at 1-844-962-2090 or email us at For all other questions regarding medical records, call 360-729-1340.

How to access medical records

Some records are available, free of charge, at www.My亚搏app官方网站.org including medications, test results, procedures, and more. If you do not yet have a My 亚搏app官方网站 account, you will need an activation code. To receive an activation code, contact your provider’s office or visit www.My亚搏app官方网站.org and click “Sign Up Now.”

If a non-亚搏app官方网站 provider needs copies of records for your care, the provider’s office can request records, free of charge, by calling 1-844-962-2090.

Additional forms

Apple Health

PeaceHealth supports Health Records for iPhone users with Apple’s Health app. The app allows patients to view and track health information, including lab results, immunizations and medications from 亚搏app官方网站 and other participating health organizations. To use the Health Records feature, patients must have a My 亚搏app官方网站 account.Read 亚搏app官方网站’s FAQs.

Questions regarding medical record requests:

All other questions:



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