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Applications and information of general use to our staff.

亚搏app官方网站 uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for remote access. When you log in to a 亚搏app官方网站 resource remotely, your password is the first authentication. MFA requires one or more additional methods of authentication which may include receiving a verification code via text message or email, or a notification from a mobile app.

For questions about MFA setup or access to other systems, please call the Service Desk at 800-452-1425.  For questions about human resources or benefits, please call the HR Service Center at 855-333-6947 Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.
  • Web Mail

    My Web Mail

    Access your 亚搏app官方网站 email.

  • My Time

    My Time

    Log your time. Works best with Internet Explorer.

  • My HR

    My HR

    Personalized pay, time off, benefit and Human Resources information.

  • My Learning

    My Learning

    Mandatory training, elective courses and your own transcript. Download instructions.

  • My 2021 Open Enrollment

    Review your 2021 health options now. Complete your enrollement for 2021 benefits by Friday, Oct. 23.

  • Crossroads Online

    Our caregiver intranet and digital workplace.

  • New Caregiver Orientation

    What to expect on your first day with us.

  • Caregiver Opportunities

    Review and apply for jobs in the career section. Download instructions.

  • The Caregiver

    News and information for caregivers. Select community from the dropdown menu to see news just for you.

  • Online Prescription Orders

    Fill, refill, and transfer prescriptions online.

  • Application Portal

    The Citrix Application Gateway or "CAG".

  • Benefit Enrollment

    Healthcare, dental and vision coverage plus a wellness program and more.

  • Technology for 亚搏app

    Microsoft 365 OneDrive and Azure information protection.

  • Library for Medical Professionals

    Access to clinical information resources – research databases, journals, and textbooks.



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